Into the Unknown

It feels like a roller coaster right now for everyone.  Every day is another announcement, another fear, another new normal to navigate.  Each moment where we think we have something figured out, where we think we can breathe, is interrupted by a precipitous fall toward the unknown.


This fragile balance she has created, this magic teeter-totter of support and outlet, of mental work and physical strength begins to wobble and finds herself walking a tightrope no longer securely anchored. 

Weary and Well

I don’t know what best describes this space I’m currently occupying.  It’s easier to laugh, easier to see beauty, easier to breathe.  But I still live in that weary space, waiting for the shoe to drop, expecting the gray to roll back in, the walls to begin to smolder and burn.


Her voice made so much sense. Everything she told me sounded true. And no one else was saying anything to me to contradict her. And so I listened as she told me that I was unworthy, unlovable, broken, wrong.

Good Enough: Just a Girl

But let us also recognize, that for some women of faith, there is an additional area where they may feel as though they have been reduced to something smaller, something less than, something unimportant. That the very body of believers that they meet with, has diminished their gifts, talents, treasures. And then - let us recognize and proclaim that this is not Jesus.

Raise a Hallelujah

I will raise a hallelujah even in the darkness. Even when the chaos descends. Even if my peace gives way to my anxiety. I will raise a hallelujah. He is with me. He's got this. I will keep singing. Hallelujah.


I’m making a concerted effort to give myself credit. I did this. I fought through this. I lived through this. And you did too.

Twenty Years a Wife

It hasn’t been easy, these past twenty years. It HAS been beautiful and amazing and some days are perfect. But it has also been a battle. I’d be lying if I tried to sugar coat it.

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